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       Water is the humanities basic needs.Water effects everybody in the world, its part of our daily life. We need water to survive.

Where is the water?

  • 97.5% of the water is salty.
  • 2.5%is on fresh water
  • 2/3 of this water is locked in the polo ice cap and glaciers.
  • 0.5 leaves us to consume such as agriculture, industries and personal use.

Water has been in danger do to the pollution ,thousands of people in the world surfers from not having water in their homes. Example: Africa, is number 1 poorest country that is hard to get fresh water in the communities.Many people try to collect dirty water to survive but that only kills them do to the germs that it contains.

How can we control the water?

Desalination will be a good solution to our problem.Also it will help in our economy it will build more jobs in the world.We need to think about others, our country wastes water everyday for no reason.Get control on the water because water works to save life.


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