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tattoos are art that we as humans like or love to do, see, feel, and much more. i personally have more then over 10 tattoos which in all honesty got them cause i either like them or have a special meaning towards them. for example, every person in the world that has a tattoo can tell you their own story behind it. tattoos hurt, but why do we get them? Our reasoning for getting tattooed usually changes over time. Initially, we often get tattoos that have a lot of meaning behind them. It’s not unusual to feel that the more ink we get, the less monumental each session is. For some, getting tattooed becomes second nature. the difference between a meaningful tattoo and a regular tattoo explains itself in the word. the pain that some people have to endure is crazy because some tattoos are big pieces meaning it takes an amount of space in your body you decide to choose.

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