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Mostly known as Harley Quinn. Through out many years Harley Quinn has been a well known DC comic character. Her first comic book appearance was in Batman: Harley Quinn issue 1 in 1999 which was written by Paul Dini . Ever since then she has been a very well know character. With reading about her true origins Harley states that she became a psychiatrist so she could understand why her father did what he did to their family. She came up with a theory of being in love and having similarities with being a criminal. She had a boyfriend where she made him think she had committed crimes and had killed a teacher when in reality she was only pretending. He ended up killing the teacher who wasn’t even dead thinking he was looking after Harley. He felt guilt and had Harley kill him and making the scene seem like a suicide. She was traumatized by those events. She ended up finding a job in the Arkham Asylum. She felt a type of connection with the clown himself The Joker. When they had they’re first session she showed him her insanity and the obsession she had towards him. Harley helped him escape various of times. This is the main origin DC comics came up with.

*DC’S Animated Universe.

This origin was mainly told in Batman:The Animated Series episode and comic entitled Mad Love. This story starts out differently. Dr. Harleen Quinzel an intern in the Arkham Asylum. She became interested in The Joker. She asked for a chance to analyse him. They’re first session began with him talking about his tragic and abusive past. She quickly gained sympathy for him which lead up to her falling in love with him. Dressed up as Harley Quinn she helped him escape and became his sidekick. Later on Harley finds out that what The Joker said was mostly lies just so she could feel sympathy over him and that’s what mainly goes on even though they are in a relationship. Harley’s psychiatrist license was revoked when her superior found out she had freed The Joker. Since the beginning of they’re relationship it’s been abusive and life threatening to her. Even though that’s happen Harley still remained faithful to him but this relationship is a twisted kind of love if you haven’t yet noticed.



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