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People often think of themselves less then they should when in reality they don’t know how valuable  they can be. Everybody has something that makes them shine on their own with no need of hiding or faking. I believe everybody is born with a special gift and it can be absolutely anything. While I was growing up I had lots of things that I could of stuck too that would’ve made me shine. I was in band, I was in chores, and I loved to draw. Right now as I have more knowledge of many things I have found out that writing has become more then just simple paragraphs and words.  Writing is like a way to free emotions, write down your thought, express yourself, and just be unique; just be yourself. People just have to look for what inspires them the most. Even though you might see yourself less then everybody else it’s never that way. Just think of yourself in a positive way; think of yourself like a little star because even though you may not see it you still shine in the darkness.


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"Always concentrate on how far you've come, rather than how far you have left to go."

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