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There is nothing better then being yourself and enjoying it. Why change just so people could like you though? Most people do and they turn out realizing they should of never changed. If someone really appreciates you for who you are you shouldn’t have to change. People can be so manipulative and try to change you for their benefit and it could end up in a complete mess! Being real doesn’t have to go for other people because it doesn’t matter what others think as long as you know what’s good for you and how you feel most comfortable then why worry about what others think. Once you accept and let the real you show that’s when you know who’s who; The right people will always choose the real you and put aside what others say. If only people could see that it’s not worth changing for people who will only use you. So why not show the real you I guarantee that the right people will always support and love you. If people do walk out of your life just because you chose to be real to yourself don’t  worry plenty of others will know how to appreciate you and value you more then they did.


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