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To begin with, dogs are animal canine. Dogs come from different type of breed, shape, color and sizes. Dogs are very smart canine and can live up to 10-15 years of age. Dogs are bred thru over millennia for various behavior. For example, a female dog can have up to five to six puppies depend on the dog size and will be pregnant for 60 days. An adult dog has 42 teeth and love to eat. Like boiled chicken breast, peanut butter, treats and etc. They’re ears and nose is the most important for hearing and smelling. Since they can hear and smell from very far away about 50-100 feet away. Also there’s dog that shed and others that doesn’t shed. For example, some loses their hair and others doesn’t. Some are hypoallergenic meaning people that are allergic to dogs can own an hypoallergenic dog and have no issues.

Dogs are used for many things since they’re so smart. With the the proper training and dedication dogs can be trained to be military dog, service dog for disability people or kids, companion and family. The way you can trained a dog to have respect and discipline is by using something they love to eat and used it as treats and reinforce. In many cases people mistreat their dogs and neglect them. This is why in now days we have many dogs that bite and doesn’t respect people or dogs. Also people uses them to breed them and make money out of them and won’t give the care they need. For example, their medical check up, shots and grooming. Lastly, dogs are a big responsibility  and are very sweet, loving. As long they’re with the right companion and can be your best friend.

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