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       There are many ways that bullying can affect people and it’s never for good. The person can feel anxious, lonely, insecure, etc. Sometimes people don’t even notice when bullying is going on because they don’t really pay mind to it. When it comes to being in school and getting bullied it can be hard for the person to concentrate and do good in school. They can be afraid of going to school for that one simple reason of being bullied. You can spend a lot of time thinking ” Why is this happening to me?” Most kids wouldn’t really know how to react about this and they normally won’t be the ones to go and tell an adult because their scared. Some kids even start to think it’s their fault because there could be something wrong with them when it’s not. Long-term bulling can lead to depression and anxiety. Most of the times kids will think “nobody knows what I’m going through and nobody will understand.” Even though they might think that it’s never like that there will always be a person there to listen and hear you out.

  You can’t just assume nobody will understand you because you can tell your parents, your teacher, your brothers or sisters, family, and school counselor. If you think about it there are many people who you can tell that will try to help. If you don’t speak up how will anyone know what your going through the best thing is to just speak and don’t stay shut that’s the worst thing a person can do.

  Most people aren’t aware that there are different types of bullying it doesn’t necessarily have to be physically it can be socially, verbally, and over the internet that is more known as cyber-bullying.

*Physically bullying:  hurting someone, pushing or shoving, or fighting in an aggressive way.

*Social bullying: Excluding others, telling people not to be their friend anymore, spreading rumors, etc.

*Verbal bullying: Name-calling, threats, teasing, and  hurtful comments.

*Cyber-bullying: Mean texts, rude comments on social media, harassment, etc.

People should really be more aware of bullying it’s a delicate topic that can cause major problems to a person by one simple word so you should think before you speak or make fun of someone.

Stop Bullying!


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