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Often our problem is that we would rather focus on how much we have left to go. Honestly there really isn’t a reason to worry about it. If we focus more on how much we have left to go we will only waste our time and it’ll seem like it’s longer when it’s really not. Why stress it? When honestly we could just let loose and have fun enjoy every little second. The only thing that truly matters is how long we’ve been going without giving up. I like to believe that everybody is strong in their own way because although we don’t go through the same situations we still have our own battle to fight. There is no specific distance that we have to cover in order to feel that you are worthy of something. Everybody should be proud of  how they’re doing and how far they’ve come in their journey. There is no reason why anybody should stop. Even though you can be going through a really rough situation you should just keep going. This is your journey. Just focus on how much you’ve learned and achieved. This is how far you’ve come now don’t worry about how much more you have left to go just enjoy yourself.

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