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Through out a few months now we’ve been hearing about clown sightings. We would normally see clowns as just people trying to make us laugh and have a good time at circuses but this has gotten to a point where people are getting concerned about these clowns. the first clown sighting was reported in Greenville,South Carolina U.S.A . People describe them now as evil clowns. This has been going on since August of 2016. Some sightings lacked evidence of criminal activity but others led to arrest. They started sending out threats to schools, luring kids into the woods saying they had some candy for them, robberies, and assaulting people. In Pennsylvania a teenage high school student was stabbed to death by a clown. People describe this as being a horrifying situation.  As of October 12, 2016 at least two songs have appeared on YouTube that specifically reference the clown sightings that have been going on. After originally occurring in South Carolina the clowns sighting has spread to more then four-fifths of the countries states. This phenomenon has not only spread through out the U.S but it has also spread through Europe, Canada, Latin America, and Oceania.

*Clowns costume bans and withdrawals:

The West Milford, New Jersey school district has now banned any form of creepy clown costumes.

Target has even pulled clown masks from its website and in stores as a result of the scare.

New Jersey:

On Monday October 4th, at around 10 pm a male in a clown mask with a plastic toy machete scared a woman at a Quick Chek  convenience store in Parsippany however later police identified it was a Juvenile. In Phillipsburg a boy claimed to be chased by a clown with a sword, The boy says he heard the clown say ” I’m gonna get you.” In Fair Lawn two people were arrested after scaring a driver. In Toms River a 12 and 14 year old girls were arrested for making separate clown hoax. Clowns were also spotted in Bound Brook, Hunterdon, Monroe, North Plainfield, Trenton, and Spotswood.

The clowns have made it clear that this is not all fun and games they’re pretty serious about the whole thing. I’ve heard that they started saying they were going to do a purge which means going and killing people the night before Halloween. Halloween has always been a fun day for kids to go out trick or treating and dressing up but now kids don’t even want to do anything anymore clowns have ruined the thought of Halloween just because they wanted to give people a scare well I don’t think it’s fair now for the kids this is just so wrong and sad. The worst part is people are now going “Clown Hunting” to see if they could spot them just to beat them up now people have to worry about they’re safety even more then usual.

Leading up to Halloween everybody should be careful with what they are doing and where they are going the best thing to do is be in a numerous crowed and have everybody be alert of their surroundings. I find this sad because Halloween is suppose to be a fun day where you could dress up without no worries and just go out trick or treating or just hang out with friends or go to parties not a day where you have to be afraid to go out because of people’s stupidity personally that’s what I think.  Well finishing this off I hope everybody has a safe, peaceful, and spooky Halloween!




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